Safety Concerns

Q: Can your stomach burst if you eat too much? A: Normally your stomach will purge if it is near its limit. However, it is possible for your stomach to burst if you ingest something that your body has difficulty in regurgitating. The medical term for this is gastro-intestinal rupture. It is very rare, but it has happened. Eat on… Read more →

Meatfest 2008

Meat May-Ham (6/6/2008-6/8/2008) Food locations Fogo de Chao Horizon Cafe el Mariachi Ribfest Occurrences of Interest Jolly Snore Parking ticket Walking to Fogo de Chao Jolly Laughter terrorizing locals Movin’ on up ” Two more blocks guys” Guacamole in the rain. Ribs in the rain Movin on up ALL IN Grypp demands pie and gets it. Read more →