2009 Meat-June-gle

The Jolly Pace.

So, yeah.  We missed the train.  But when life gives you lemonade, you mix it with beer and make shandy. Or in our case, you hit the food court… For some of the best Doggs we’ve had in a while. However, they had a sign up at the cash register which said “Please check your order when you get it,… Read more →

Late-Night Doggs!

Chicago Style: cheap ingredients, soggy, poorly assembled, impossible to eat.  So basically it was perfect. Chili Cheese:  I think this is the “before” picture, but I could be wrong. Chili Mustard Ketchup…   yup. Nice pole, Grypp. That’s better. Read more →

The Bacon Breakfast

First, we had to fix Nate’s stove.   Although, if you ask him, it may not have been broken before we started… Flame on! Welshire Farms Applewood-Smoked Thick-Sliced Center-Cut Salt-Cured Bacon cooked to Grypp’s specifications. Bacon, blueberry donut, coffee on the side.  F-ing Win. Read more →